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Birthdate:Sep 6
Location:Norman, Oklahoma, United States of America
Concert photographer, webinatrix, lapsed physicist. I'm a fangirl at heart, but I mostly talk about photography and Americana/red dirt/alt-country/tradfolk/blues/Celtic/indie music, here. I also tend to rant about my job.

My LJ is f-locked these days; the f-lock is intended mostly to keep my LJ private from search engines and well-intentioned but only distantly-acquainted people from my RL. I have a wide-open Facebook where I talk to the world at large; LJ is my *home*, and I make decisions about who I'm going to let in on a case-by-case basis, pretty much. If you're a fangirl, you're welcome hereabouts. Drop me a comment in the sticky post to be added. ♥

My current fannish interests are: Avengers, Sherlock BBC, XMFC, Hawaii Five-O, Supernatural, Leverage, and White Collar. Past fandoms include: Highlander, The Sentinel, Due South, SG-1 and SGA. And I've read in a lot more.
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